Poem for a Sunday Morning

Questions Before Dark{Jeanne Lohmann} Day ends, and before sleepwhen the sky dies down, consideryour altered state: has this daychanged you? Are the cornerssharper or rounded off? Did youlive with death? Make decisionsthat quieted? Find one clear wordthat fit? At the sun’s midpointdid you notice a pitch of absence,bewilderment that invitesthe possible? What did you learnfromContinue reading “Poem for a Sunday Morning”

Some good, hard questions

Do I insist on action when more reflection is needed? Do I got lost in reflection when I need to get moving? Do I default to the comfort of my competence when the discomfort of connection is what the moment requires? Do I tend to think my way into a new way of feeling orContinue reading “Some good, hard questions”

Silence Amidst the Noise

Above all, be alone with it all, a hiving off, a corner of silence amidst the noise, refuse to talk, even to yourself, and stay in this place until the current of the story is strong enough to float you out. {from Coleman’s Bed by David Whyte} The season of Advent has an exceptional qualityContinue reading “Silence Amidst the Noise”

A Few Questions

If you stopped editing yourself, what would you say? When you are at your worst, what’s the fear behind that behavior? When you float outside yourself, tethered to nothing but possibility, what gives you that lift? You are at the edge of your seat, no facade to impress us, what got you there? You keepContinue reading “A Few Questions”

Another way to do it

Option A Leader: “This is where we need to go, and here’s how we’re going to get there.” Option B Leader: “This is where we need to go. How do you think we should get there?” Involvement, sincerely requested and respectfully considered, leads to real engagement in the work. DAVID BERRY is the author of “A More Daring Life: FindingContinue reading “Another way to do it”


At any given point in our lives, each of us has a question that, in the words of the poet David Whyte, “has no right to go away.” These are questions that beckon us to consider who we have been, who we are and who we want to be. This kind of question is lessContinue reading “Questions”

Make Room for Wonder

“Everything is explained now…sometimes I’d just as soon continue wondering.” – Tom Waits – Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. I think about that every time I compulsively reach for my “phone” to look up the answer to the latest question that has shown up in conversation. I get consumed by the feelingContinue reading “Make Room for Wonder”

Three Questions for the Weekend

It’s an enormous gift in my work – as teacher and coach – to learn from my students and clients. I am always interested in new approaches, fresh perspectives and just the help that allows me to get better at what I offer and how I offer it. A couple of weeks ago a clientContinue reading “Three Questions for the Weekend”

The One Conversation That Will Change Everything

You want to get better at having more challenging and courageous conversations. What you’re doing now isn’t working so you’re looking for a better way, a way to hold a real conversation that actually leads to meaningful change. Like most people you’ve done your research and found that there’s no shortage of books to helpContinue reading “The One Conversation That Will Change Everything”