#21 – Simplify

This is #21 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” You might like #10, also. Here’s a sentence I read recently: “As brands grow they can sustain a certain growth rate; forcing higher growth unnaturally simply consumes capital unnecessarily.” It’s a terrible sentence. It’s terrible because it’s complicated and excessive. It’s terrible because itContinue reading “#21 – Simplify”

My Daily Bread, Part 2

“Your output depends on your input.” {Austin Kleon} While consuming my “daily bread” yesterday, those daily emails from writer’s whose perspectives I admire, I realized that I had not been as comprehensive as I had intended to be. I rectify that today by adding to the mix a couple of “weekly bread” resources who inspireContinue reading “My Daily Bread, Part 2”

My Daily Bread

“Your output depends on your input.” {Austin Kleon} My morning ritual consists of coffee, reading and exercise, in that order. I have found that each is an ideal partner and precursor to the one that follows. Coffee keeps me alert to my reading, reading exercises my mind, opening it to new ideas and questions, andContinue reading “My Daily Bread”

You Have to Plug It In

Dec 13, 12:47pm – Oakland Airport: A man looks up between bites of his Mesquite Grilled Chicken salad and sees a “Short Story Dispenser.” Intrigued, he sets the salad on the seat next to him and approaches the machine, the sensation of his unwitting participation in a social experiment growing in his mind. He pushesContinue reading “You Have to Plug It In”

The Saltine Cracker Problem

I’m reading a book right now that’s got me thinking a lot about my thinking. It’s called, Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. He’s a psychologist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics and is credited with helping to launch the now very popular field of behavioral economics. (It was his recent interview with KristaContinue reading “The Saltine Cracker Problem”

Reading for Emotional Intelligence

There’s a lot written about successful leaders – successful people – being big-time readers. (This article from Inc. magazine provides a solid foundation for the argument.) But I think it’s important to take the conversation at least one step further in that a very particular kind of reading can lead to a significant increase in ourContinue reading “Reading for Emotional Intelligence”