Circular Logic

The more I learn about myself, the more empathy I have for others. The more empathy I have for others, the stronger my relationships will be. The stronger my relationships are, the more risks I am willing to take. The more risks I am willing to take, the more I learn about myself. The moreContinue reading “Circular Logic”

Read the Syllabus

When my son started college this fall I gave him two pieces of advice. These were not offered through some soul-searching recollection of my undergraduate experience but rather from my current role as a lecturer at Cal State San Marcos. I told him that in the three years that I have been teaching at theContinue reading “Read the Syllabus”

More Human Than Otherwise

“We are all much more simply human than otherwise.” – Harry Stack Sullivan – Human beings deserve a human experience in the workplace. That is possible…that actually happens…when leaders decide to be more human themselves; when they decide to make what is common between us the foundation of their leadership. In the face of complexityContinue reading “More Human Than Otherwise”

Your Leadership Profile

You’re a leader, but what kind are you? What are the elements that make you, you? To help my clients answer these questions with both clarity and authenticity, I guide them through a process of discernment in the following areas: – Values clarification…knowing what you stand for means you have a roadmap for the keyContinue reading “Your Leadership Profile”