Truth and Consolation

Everything in the first list is true. Everything in the second list is also true. TRUTH Life is hard.* You are not important. Your life is not about you. You are not in control. You are going to die CONSOLATION Yes, it’s hard. It’s also joyful and magnificent. Which do you choose to focus on?Continue reading “Truth and Consolation”

I Don’t Know

“The human ego prefers knowing and being certain over being honest. ‘Don’t bother me with the truth, I want to be in control,’ it invariably says. Most people who think they are fully conscious or ‘smart’ and in control, have a big iron manhole cover over their unconscious. It does give them a sense ofContinue reading “I Don’t Know”

Do you dare?

It was above the timber line. The steady march of the forest had stopped as if some invisible barrier had been erected beyond which no trees dared move in a single file. Beyond was barrenness, sheer rocks, snow patches and strong untrammeled winds. Here and there were short tufts of evergreen bushes that had somehowContinue reading “Do you dare?”

My Daily Bread

“Your output depends on your input.” {Austin Kleon} My morning ritual consists of coffee, reading and exercise, in that order. I have found that each is an ideal partner and precursor to the one that follows. Coffee keeps me alert to my reading, reading exercises my mind, opening it to new ideas and questions, andContinue reading “My Daily Bread”


The following passage is by Dr. Barbara Holmes from her book, Joy Unspeakable. I read it earlier this week in Richard Rohr’s daily email and its precision brought me to a full stop. I offer a few comments and reflections in bold italics.  “The human task is threefold. First, the human spirit must connect to the eternalContinue reading “Threefold”

Choose to Make it Better

“The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.” {Richard Rohr} If you’re struggling in a poor work environment – not a toxic one, mind you but one that is marked by ineffectual leadership and uninspired co-workers – you can do one of three things: Leave Stay and join in the miseryContinue reading “Choose to Make it Better”

Safety, Dignity and Love

The only people who change, who are transformed, are people who feel safe, who feel their dignity, and who feel loved. When you feel loved, when you feel safe, and when you know your dignity, you just keep growing! That’s what we do for one another as loving people—offer safe relationships in which we canContinue reading “Safety, Dignity and Love”

Do the Work

“If we do not transform our pain we will most certainly transmit it.” – Richard Rohr There’s a line from the poem “Out on the Ocean” by David Whyte that conveys Rohr’s meaning with visceral urgency: “Always this energy smoulders inside, when it remains unlit the body fills with dense smoke.” That unlit energy isContinue reading “Do the Work”