#25 – Take Responsibility for Your Learning

This is #25 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” Here’s another good one. Jia Jang is inspiring. He feared rejection so much that he decided to pursue it directly with the hope that he would learn to respond to it more positively and more productively. He recounts his “100 Day Rejection Challenge” in aContinue reading “#25 – Take Responsibility for Your Learning”

Fill in the Blanks

I am reminded again and again that the people who turn change into opportunity demonstrate three specific qualities: 1. They have a strong and positive self-concept. “I feel best about myself when I                                .” 2. They have deep humility and regardContinue reading “Fill in the Blanks”

I Got Knocked Down Again

I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special, The Call to Courage, for a second time today and her call to get into the arena, to be willing to get knocked down – to embrace the certainty of getting knocked down – reminded me of a post I wrote last October. Here it is again, truer than ever.Continue reading “I Got Knocked Down Again”

A Body in Motion (II)

Begin and adjust or wait and wonder. Get started and discover what’s possible or delay until you’re “ready” and forever dream what might have been. “This is incredibly difficult,” is only said by those with the courage to begin. “This is extraordinary! Look what we found!” is only said by those who get underway. “TheContinue reading “A Body in Motion (II)”

Leap and a Net Will Appear

If you feel “ready,” you’ve waited too long. That’s my takeaway from volume one of Shelby Foote’s three-part narrative of the Civil War. It’s oversimplified, to be sure, but the biggest difference I can see between the Union forces in Virginia, commanded by McClellan, Halleck, Pope et al, and the Confederate forces under Lee inContinue reading “Leap and a Net Will Appear”

Personal Mission

The quote and question after which I titled my first book is, “Are we not safer leading A More Daring Life?” The motto of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, meaning “For the Greater Glory of God.” I first learned this phrase in college, at Loyola Marymount University. When combined, these twoContinue reading “Personal Mission”

Circular Logic

The more I learn about myself, the more empathy I have for others. The more empathy I have for others, the stronger my relationships will be. The stronger my relationships are, the more risks I am willing to take. The more risks I am willing to take, the more I learn about myself. The moreContinue reading “Circular Logic”

The Conversation You’re Not Having

The conversation you’re not having is the most important one you can have. It’s high stakes: deeply personal, risky, scary…an extraordinary testament to the terrifying power of the unknown. It creeps into your mind, inhabits your heart and stays in the middle of both for as long as you allow it. It is formed andContinue reading “The Conversation You’re Not Having”