An Inside Job

I applaud every single person who says they want to get better at dealing with change. I respect their acknowledgement that doing so will make a big, positive difference, not only to their peace of mind but in their ability to move through the world with greater ease, composure and confidence. To those stout-hearted soulsContinue reading “An Inside Job”

More Human Than Otherwise

“We are all much more simply human than otherwise.” – Harry Stack Sullivan – Human beings deserve a human experience in the workplace. That is possible…that actually happens…when leaders decide to be more human themselves; when they decide to make what is common between us the foundation of their leadership. In the face of complexityContinue reading “More Human Than Otherwise”

Before Asking Others to Change

How will you change first? How must you change first? It’s a radical question because it puts the responsibility back on you. And few people, few leaders are willing to take that kind of responsibility. Or ask it this way, from The Art of Possibility , “Who am I being that my player’s (my colleague’s,Continue reading “Before Asking Others to Change”

The One Conversation That Will Change Everything

You want to get better at having more challenging and courageous conversations. What you’re doing now isn’t working so you’re looking for a better way, a way to hold a real conversation that actually leads to meaningful change. Like most people you’ve done your research and found that there’s no shortage of books to helpContinue reading “The One Conversation That Will Change Everything”