#30 – You Can Adjust Your Default Setting

Two beliefs are highly problematic for the modern human being. The first is the belief that we are supposed to be rational actors and the second is the belief that we are. Just two minutes of silence reveals that in each of our heads exists a chorus of competing, irrational voices that makes our decision-making,Continue reading “#30 – You Can Adjust Your Default Setting”

The Paradox of Freedom

The things that free you also bind you. It is a sad cliché that the prisoner, finally freed after years of confinement, has a difficult time adjusting to his new reality. In the face of so many possibilities – so many necessary daily choices and responsibilities – a highly routinized lifestyle dictated by someone else’sContinue reading “The Paradox of Freedom”

It was a very tough year

The year 2005 was the most challenging of my adult life. In March we moved into a larger home to accommodate our growing family. In July we welcomed our third child, and two short weeks later I started a new job that would put me on the path I continue to walk today. About aContinue reading “It was a very tough year”

The First

Wednesday was Manvinder’s first day driving for Lyft and I was his first customer. When he picked me up he quickly let me know I was his first customer by motioning to his phone which I soon learned meant that he was in active conversation with a friend who was guiding him through how toContinue reading “The First”