Grandpa’s Onions

At grandpa’s house, when you want onion rings with your hamburger, you start by walking out to the garden and pulling one from the ground. The best kind of vacation – the best kind of break – is one that reminds you of the clarifying power of elemental, fundamental things. The adventure of a roadContinue reading “Grandpa’s Onions”

The Human Paradox

The need for certainty. When we meet this need too well, life becomes predictable, routine and stagnant. We end up sort of dying in place. The need for variety. When we meet this need too well, life becomes chaotic, an endless chase for the next, the more interesting, the more stimulating. We end up sortContinue reading “The Human Paradox”

A living organism has the capacity to grow

That includes you and me, of course. Today’s good. Tomorrow’s good, too. But today is better. It’s summer. Most everything is in bloom. Birds have hatched their little ones in a nest on our patio. Back and forth go mom and dad, ferrying food to their offspring. We spied on them when they were stillContinue reading “A living organism has the capacity to grow”

Harvest Time

A “volunteer” fig tree sprung up in our yard this summer. We left it alone, cautiously optimistic that we might get some fruit. It did not disappoint. We picked five or six ripe figs a day for a couple of weeks at the height of summer. The ones we didn’t pick the birds took careContinue reading “Harvest Time”