Who Am I Being?

“I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi Ben Zander, orchestra conductor and co-author of “The Art of Possibility,” had an epiphany about why his players weren’t producing the sound he wanted. Instead of berating them for a lack of preparation, professionalismContinue reading “Who Am I Being?”

How to Motivate Your Employees

You can’t, so stop trying. That’s step number one. Motivation is an internal dynamic, a choice based on a wide range of individual forces such as personality, values, perception, emotions, attitudes and stress. You can inspire but you can’t motivate. Knowing the difference is crucial to effective leadership. A leader’s job is to create theContinue reading “How to Motivate Your Employees”

What they want

“They” are your team. You are their leader. This is what they want: Meaning. Also known as “purpose” and “vision.” When they say, “I want to be part of something larger than myself!” this is what they’re talking about. Trust. I once heard a leader say, “They have to earn my trust.” The only acceptable response toContinue reading “What they want”

Come Back to the Pack

I can get pretty enthusiastic about a new idea, approach or strategy. I feel the surge of positive energy that comes with knowing that “this” is for sure a better way and I can’t wait to get it in place as fast as I can. And then I run into a harsh reality: other people,Continue reading “Come Back to the Pack”

Your attention, please

“Alertness is the hidden discipline of familiarity.” – from “Everything is waiting for you” by David Whyte Perhaps the idea of cultivating and expressing love in the workplace doesn’t sit well with you. It is a freighted word, full of complex associations. Many would suggest it has no place in any conversation about colleagues, teams,Continue reading “Your attention, please”

When Good Intentions Go to Waste

There’s an unopened container of mango salsa in our refrigerator. It’s been in there for a while. It must have gone bad by now. I imagine it seemed like a good idea in the store, that nicely packaged yellow and orange salsa quietly promising to complement some grilled salmon or brighten up a plain oldContinue reading “When Good Intentions Go to Waste”