Ask for Help

When my daughter was in grade school, she had a tough time raising her hand in class to ask for help. She felt insecure about being exposed as “not knowing” and as a result didn’t get the support she needed when she needed it. Once her teacher picked up on this pattern she suggested aContinue reading “Ask for Help”

I Got Knocked Down Again

I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special, The Call to Courage, for a second time today and her call to get into the arena, to be willing to get knocked down – to embrace the certainty of getting knocked down – reminded me of a post I wrote last October. Here it is again, truer than ever.Continue reading “I Got Knocked Down Again”

Both Shattered and Made Whole

There is something extraordinary about witnessing someone’s vulnerability. To see, hear and feel another person summon the courage and the clarity to reveal themselves without artifice or ego, is raw in its truth and pure in its beauty. A friend revealed herself in this way not long ago and I remember feeling equal parts shattered,Continue reading “Both Shattered and Made Whole”

Learning to Ask For Help

Among the most important – and most difficult – realizations I had to contend with on my path to becoming a person is that of learning to ask for help. My life is littered with instances of persisting in a state of futility when engaging with someone else, sometimes something else, would have made the difficult thing anContinue reading “Learning to Ask For Help”

Take the path of vulnerability

I hand out an assignment to my class. There are a list of options from which to choose, one of which is “Emotional Intelligence.” Perusing the list a student raises his hand and asks, “Will you please tell me what ‘Emotional Intelligence” is? An act of vulnerability in service of learning. A friend says toContinue reading “Take the path of vulnerability”

Getting Started

How many times have I dreaded even the thought of getting started? I have an old story about household repairs. It involves the image of a half-dozen trips to Home Depot. This image is not conducive to getting started. I have an old story about relationship repairs. It involves the image of finding out IContinue reading “Getting Started”

Human. Resources.

“Human” Merriam-Webster definition #3-b:  representative of or susceptible to the sympathies and frailties of human nature (human kindness; a human weakness). “Resources” Merriam-Webster definition #1-c : a natural feature or phenomenon that enhances the quality of human life; and #1-e : a source of information or expertise. “Human Resources” Merriam-Webster definition #1: personnel. What? Personnel? How did we get from words like “sympathies” andContinue reading “Human. Resources.”

Field of Dreams

“Back of every creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith. Enthusiasm is nothing: It comes and goes. But if one believes, then miracles occur.”  – Henry Miller A man hears a voice that tells him to plow under his corn and replace it with a baseball field. He obeys. The “ghost” players come to playContinue reading “Field of Dreams”