11 Reasons Why You Should Take a Walk in the Woods

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. {Henry David Thoreau} I live in Southern California where a walk in the woods is a luxury enjoyed only after a long drive or, like I did recently, an airplane ride. My dream is to someday live where I can stepContinue reading “11 Reasons Why You Should Take a Walk in the Woods”

Coming and going

La ruta nos aportó otro paso natural = The path provides the natural next step. It’s not only that this spanish phrase is a nifty palindrome but the way that it’s essence as a palindrome combined with its meaning gives it so much usable weight. Whether you are coming from or going towards, you are in motion,Continue reading “Coming and going”

It’s a circle, not a line

There’s a great moment in the movie “Contact” when Jodie Foster’s character – and pretty much every scientist and engineer on the planet -is trying to figure out how to read the design plans for a transportation device that has been broadcast to earth by an alien species. Attempting to read the plans in aContinue reading “It’s a circle, not a line”