Make Work More Human

The following post was written by Renee Smith and first appeared on the Make Work More Human blog on 10/24/2017. In it, Renee explains the origins of the Make Work More Human movement which she leads as the Director of Workplace Transformation at ‘Results Washington’ for the State of Washington. I am posting it on my siteContinue reading “Make Work More Human”

Does it pass the test?

Do you remember what you felt as a child when you were going to do something special? Maybe a visit to the park? The movies? A sleepover at a friend’s house? The last day of school? A road trip to see relatives…favorite cousins? Do you remember that feeling of anticipation, energy, happiness? That surge ofContinue reading “Does it pass the test?”

Serious Play

“We have no empirical evidence that being more serious leads to greater insight into the human condition than being playful. There is, however, growing empirical evidence that being playful opens toward the ever-elusive, supple heart.” – John Paul Lederach There is only one thing I miss…that I truly miss…from going to work every day atContinue reading “Serious Play”

Poem for a Sunday Morning

I didn’t paint the fence today. The rain ruined my plans. A pile of exams instead; Rake-less man among fallen leaves. From my window, dark skies Give way to a ribbon of blue. I may paint the fence tomorrow, Or I may invoke the Sabbath. Some decisions are best made in the light of morning.Continue reading “Poem for a Sunday Morning”

Today, at work

Today, at work you can spend as much creativity, energy and initiative as you want. And if there is anything getting in your way of spending every last penny, today is a very good day to sort out why that is. My guess is that one of two things is true: 1. Your boss hasContinue reading “Today, at work”

Your Job or Your Work?

Are you a leader because of the role you play or are you a leader because of the work you do? Put another way: you were hired to do a job. Is that really your work? Put another way: what is so alive in you, so energizing to you that it is worth doing noContinue reading “Your Job or Your Work?”