Please Don’t Vote Today

It probably won’t make a difference anyway.

And while you’re at it, don’t brush your teeth.

Or floss. Definitely don’t floss.

I also wouldn’t water the plants.

Or return that important email.

Or get the oil changed and the tires checked.

And by all means don’t waste your time following up on that small request. It’s really small.

Don’t write that ‘thank you’ note. Or call your friend.

And don’t clean up that pile. Or give that feedback. Or say you’re sorry.

And I don’t see the point in asking your kids to put their phones away, or sit together for a meal.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that it’s not that big a deal. That the ‘small things’ (define that for yourself) can wait. That tomorrow’s a better day for whatever it is. And maybe that’s true for checking the tires or returning that email. But it’s not true for brushing your teeth and it’s certainly not true for casting your vote. Because that has to happen today.

So with fresh breath and whatever amount of civic idealism you’ve got left, go make it happen.

DAVID BERRY is the author of “A More Daring Life: Finding Voice at the Crossroads of Change” and the founder of RULE13 Learning. He speaks and writes about the complexity of leading in a changing world. Connect with him on Twitter at @berrydavid.


3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Vote Today

  1. That is awesome! I may have to steal some of that in the future. Well said! And I agree, it sounds like a great stand up comedy routine!

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